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game development

The independent videogames Studio is involved with the production of management and narratives games

Online Events

Planning and organisation of themed events, Game Jams, visual communication for videogames exhibitions

international Partnership

Enhancement of heritage through ours projects... We are engages with several institutions (read more in PARTNERSHIP)


The independent studio MAD PUMPKINS involved with the production of videogames

The adventure began in autumn and, like pumpkins, all ideas and projects realised by the studio are different in shape, colour and characteristics. One of the main goals is the enhancement of the film heritage as well as of all artists, developers, sound designers, and writers through videogame.
We are a young but powerful company with a leadership of game industry veterans. The team aims to create great games that gather people while redefining the way video game companies work. We believe in building a sense of belonging through our games, their communities, and the way we operate and treat each other. We promote a culture of diversity, equity and belonging where our different skills, experiences and backgrounds influence the games we make.


Movierooms-Management GamE

Manage your own cinema through time!
Discover the characters that made the history of cinema
and make your personal establishment grow
and flourish through the years!

FATES-Narrative game

In this interactive story application, you yourself are the narrators, readers, heroes or anti-heroes, because you can choose the course of the adventure ...And not only that, discover the editor!


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