Cinecittà Game Hub

The accelerator for innovative videogame start-ups in Cinecittà. The accelerator is part of a wider project to support start-ups in the sector, which also involves the Lazio Region and the Ministry of Culture. The great Italian film house “Cinecittà” has started a collaboration with IIDEA (Italian Interactive & Digital Entertainment Association), the trade association of the videogame industry in Italy, from January 2022 will train and accompany 10 selected independent videogame studios… Including Mad Pumpkins!


The largest cinema in the world still open with 2702 seats in the main hall. Opened in December 1932, during the Nazi occupation of France in World War II it was requisitioned and became a cinema reserved for German soldiers. But after the war, the Grand Rex returned to its former glory with many new features and innovations. In 1988, the cinema was equipped with the largest screen, called “Grand Large,” designed by Luc Heipret and opened for the screening of the French film “Le Grand Bleu,” directed by Luc Besson).

Fondazione Cineteca Italiana
Founded in Milan, in 1947, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, Italy’s first film archive, has uninterruptedly carried out cultural activities finalized to the dissemination of film culture in Italy and abroad. With three movie theaters focused on offering cinematic excellencies, an Interactive Museum with a strong vocation for film education, an enormous underground film archive – home to 35,000 titles available to be explored through VR technology -, a film restoration laboratory, a library where rare and precious volumes on film invite the public to widen their knowledge of Cinema and its history, and a streaming platform with a catalog of over 600 films, Cineteca constitutes an active and lively film culture center for all.

Cinema Mexico – Milano

The Cinema Mexico, at number 57 Via Savona, was founded in 1914 as a social cinema, in a neighbourhood undergoing industrial growth, where, in addition to factories and workshops, only the first Workers’ Houses built in Milan (Via Solari 40) had been built by the Società Umanitaria for nine years. It was taken over at the end of the 1970s by Antonio Sancassani, who immediately turned it into an art-house theatre, keeping the same name it already had, Mexico, and initially dedicating its programming to musical films such as Woodstock (Wadleigh, 1970), Jesus Christ Superstar (Jewison, 1973), Tommy (Russell, 1975) and Hair (Forman, 1979). With the revival, since 1981, of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sharman, 1975) as an interactive show, in which Claudio Bisio also made his debut – and more recently Gianmarco Pozzoli, Valeria Graci and Francesco Sarcina – the Mexico has become a reference point for fans of this original cult film and one of the five official Rocky Horror Houses in the world.


Association (ETS) and International Community Network dedicated to promoting and including disability in the world of video games, music, and technology. They conceive and develop new technologies (both hardware and software), collaborating with leading market brands. With the assistance of Ambassadors, they aim to reach as many entities as possible and provide every interested individual with the opportunity to use their developed systems for free, try them out, and discover how they could enhance their daily activities.


At Games Accessibility Hub, we want to give players with disabilities the opportunity to play and enjoy more accessible video games.
To this end, we assist you, game creators, studios, and publishers, in better understanding the needs of gamers with disabilities, and how to fulfill them. We help you set the lore, skill tree and win conditions that will lead you to making more accessible games.
We provide a range of services tailored to your needs and context. Your project is unique, so is our support, based on these pillars:
* Training & Workshops
* Project consultation
* Accessibility assessments
* Playtest

Madden Italia Community

Madden Italia is the Italian community dedicated to Madden NFL, the EA Sports game title dedicated to American football (Playstation, Xbox, PC). Since December 2012 it has been continuously supporting Italian Madden players. Madden Italia supports the development of in-game tactics and strategies, preparing players for the “simulative” style of play, which is closest to American football played on a sports field.
Madden Italia organises tournaments, leagues, fantasy football and plenty of streaming content.

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