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It’s not the first time we’ve said that in Movierooms you can manage your own cinema from 1900 onwards, but until now we’ve never explained in detail the importance of this aspect.Travelling through different eras discovering the history of cinema is a fundamental part of the game which, as you can imagine, takes time (and extensive research) to implement accurately.

For us, discovering and managing to convey the evolution of cinema is also the most interesting and fun part!

Discovering and to convey the evolution of cinema


In this article, we certainly don’t want to make spoilers; we just aim at better arguing the importance of some elements in the game by adding some details and previews (which we have meanwhile integrated into the prototype).

First of all, as soon as the cinema-theatre building system is developed, you can customize your own structure from the ground, choosing the number of rooms/halls and their size (according to your taste), or -if you’re too lazy- you can choose a predefined building. The success of running a cinema undoubtedly depends on customer satisfaction, but also on how well the building is maintained. Each individual space in the cinema can be furnished and decorated differently, according to its function and in order to provide maximum comfort and attractiveness. The equipment (such as the popcorn stand, vending machines, cinema projectors, etc.) have distinct characteristics, reflecting the technologies available in different eras.

These devices may attract customers, but their maintenance and updating must be taken seriously. Every technological improvement brings new challenges: while equipment is reaching ever higher levels of quality, customers are becoming more demanding and their requirements more sophisticated. Whereas in 1913 it was not so unlikely that a projector would catch fire if worn out, nowadays a malfunctioning cash register could result in the loss of a large chunk of revenue.

Work in progress - Prototype preview

Do you understand the fascination of Movierooms?

Travelling through different periods also means programming films of those eras, discovering and maintaining different equipment, demonstrating the ability to adapt to technological advances and, above all, facing an audience whose tastes and behaviour are constantly changing!

In this regard, we show you a preview of the second level that we have integrated into the prototype (and are improving with new decorations). We are at the turn of the 50s and 60s and… finally a projection booth! Initially the projector was located in the same room as the viewers, but after realising that it was dangerous and that the noise produced was so loud that it ruined the experience and the immersion in the film, those who could afford it decided to move the projector to another room.

But films don’t project themselves, so you need someone to take care of them. And there you have it, a new activity for our employees. 
Remember, if nobody takes care of the projection, the session will not take place and your customers will leave unhappy!

More news is in the pipeline and the list of tasks/activities to which you can assign your employees continues to grow.

Finally, as you can imagine, each era will be very different in visual style and music.

Great news coming soon!
Mad Pumpkins’Team