Micro-management & Macro-management

This article is dedicated to fans of management games! After the article about “time travel“, where we already introduced the importance of the technology that we will find in the game, this time we want to specify a little bit about the gameplay of Movierooms. In fact, the game has two aspects: the overall management of the movie theatre (macro-management) and the individual management of theatres, clients and staff (micro-management).

Macroscopic Level

The cinema is divided in various rooms, every single one with its own function (movie screen, rest area, waiting area…). The player creates and designs the spaces as pleased, on the same floor or on new ones connected with stairs (or lifts). He has the possibility to choose if he wants the structure to grown and transform into a multiplex or he rather prefers it to remain a small minimalistic cinema, essential and modern in style (using a personalised theme and style or getting inspiration from, for example, the Art Nouveau, with its majestic decor and ornaments).

Microscopic Level

The player gives his staff different tasks to run the movie theatre and increase the public satisfaction following the demand, all while trying to earn more and more revenues. At the end of the day, the player can visualise a statistical financial report of the cinema. The latest permits to evaluate which film category the public loved the most, understand if new provisions are needed (popcorn, drinks, etc.) or analyse potential errors,
for example excessive expenses to manage and maintain the structure and its activities.

Development in progress

These topics have already been a source of discussion with our loyal tippers and newsletter subscribers. But we realised that they may be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about the game we want to play as soon as we manage to enlarge our small team.

Thank you all and see you soon! 
Mad Pumpkins